Official Name Embassy of the Republic of Benin to Japan
Address S.I. BUILDING 8F,
11-14, Kasuga 1-Chome,
Bunkyo-ku, TOKYO 112-0003, JAPAN
TEL 0081-3-6268-9360
FAX 0081-3-6268-9365
E-MAIL abenintyo@beninembassy.jp
Our office is open from 9:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00, except for Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays of both Benin and Japan.


■URL address: www.evisa.gouv.bj/en/

■List of the documents required

  • ・Visa Application Form (to be completed online)
  • ・Invitation letter, if applicable
  • ・Photocopy of the first three pages of the passport having a period of validity of at least three (03) months from the date of departure for Benin
  • ・Identity photo, passport format, with white background
  • ・Proof of accommodation
  • ・Note verbale, if applicable
  • ・Order of mission, if applicable

■Processing time of the application
1 working day

■Responsible in charge of processing
« Direction de l’Émigration et de l’Immigration » (Directorate of Emigration and Immigration)

■Payment: Three payment methods

  • ・Online payment by credit card (VISA MASTERCARD, etc.)
  • ・Payment in a Diplomatic or Consular Representation
  • ・Payment at a border crossing on arrival in Benin

■Place of printing of the visa
Depending on the method of payment chosen by the applicant, the electronic visa can be printed before departure for Benin or on arrival at a border post.

Before departure:the applicant, after making the payment online, can print the e-visa from the email address provided on the form, or the applicant can go to the nearest Diplomatic or Consular Representation to make the payment and have the e-visa delivered locally.

On arrival in Benin:upon presentation of the approval document issued online by “la Direction de l’Emigration et de l’Immigration” (Directorate of Emigration and Immigration), the applicant can get the e-visa printed in one of the six (6) border posts below:

  • ・Cardinal Bernadin GANTIN International Airport of Cotonou
  • ・Autonomous Port of Cotonou
  • ・Sème-Kraké, border between Benin and Nigeria
  • ・Hilacondji, border between Benin and Togo
  • ・Malanville, border between Benin and Niger
  • ・Porga, border between Benin and Burkina-Faso

For border crossings, the traveler presents his approval document to the police officer who

  • ・performs the prescribed checks
  • ・captures the photo of the traveler if he / she did not upload it during the online request, and
  • ・prints the electronic visa.

■Electronic visa application procedure

  • 1.Access to the e-visa website via the URL:https://www.evisa.gouv.bj
  • 2.Entering biographical information, address and contact data, contacts in Cotonou, information on the trip (motive, dates, etc.)
  • 3.Upload the various documents required by the authorities
  • 4.For security reasons, the system sends to the requester's email address a code that the requester enters to authenticate
  • 5.Upload the photo in the specified format
  • 6.At the validation of the information entered on the form, the visa applicant is invited to enter the information relating to his credit card for the payment of visa fees
  • 7.After the payment, he automatically receives in his electronic mailbox a pre-enrollment receipt
  • 8.When the process is validated, the applicant receives an approval document which will act as a “pre-visa”. This document contains a barcode to automatically display the data entered on the pre-enrollment site. This document will be scanned at the aforementioned border crossings of Benin.